I want boba. (:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Crazy For TOMS

Toms. basically. is. aN.
I love em (:
As you can see on my pic up there <----
its a pic of my Toms.
Now there all ripped up and ugly. ):
Im gonna patch em up. (:
I want black toms :o
you guys wanna buy em for me? (:
I love TOMS.

TOMS fan.

P.s. Everytime you buy a TOM. you buy shoes for kids in need. (:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Is Dedicated to my Friend, Thao

So guys, I got this candy called Mikatia or something.
Its delicious. :D MMHMM.
And youknow how Thao sounds like cow..
Well.. you see this cand has a cow mascot and on every wrapper is a cow with a cute pose.
Its adorable. (:
And I thought about my friend. Thao.
Lake Tahoe
Cow (:
Spit machine. ROFL.
i loves you Thao. (:
I loves you beary much.
Beary reminds me of BULD A BEAR WORKSHOP. yay (:
I w ant a build a bear workshop D:
Thao. buy me one (:

Elizabeth JEEEEEON

PS. I havent posted any recipes or clay and stuff.. sorry been busy (:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Polymer Clay Bowl (:

I used translucent Fimo Clay, but you can use any color of clay you want. This type of clay is Polymer Clay.  I know theres no sound AT ALL. I'm sorry but.. my webcam for some odd reason doesn't record sound. Sorry for the delay ):
I'll try to find a video program so I can add sound, so just bear with me (:

Here's my finished product, just bake it accordingly to your oven temp, and if you want to avoid the slightly off white the translucent produces after you bake, just bake it until its flexible but sturdy. (:

Elizabeth <3

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Newbie (:

Hi fellow citizens who are reading this right now!
I just started today, October 27, 2010  at 5:19
My mom was bugging me to make a blog. (:
You see, I want to be a chef.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FOOD.  Although, I am a STICK as in skinny.
So I guess I'll be talking about you my experiences with food and uhh.. my homemade recipes (:
I need to start on my homework, but I don't wanna (:
OH! And I also like doing crafts.
I feel like a grandma making little cute things for her little grandchildren (:  HEY. IM NOT HAT OLD!
I go to Lexington Jr. High school as a 8th grader.
Born in L.A. but currently I don't live in L.A.
I'm not gonna put any private info. because of my fear of getting stalked (:
I've had the dream of becoming a chef ever since.. uhh 6th grade.
When my cousin from Korea came to visit us, and she told me she wanted to become a chef. (:
And she said, "Oh! You're so good at cooking"
And you know.. I said the usual.
Awh -blush- thanks. (: Seriously. I never realized that I loved cooking until up to that point with my cousin.
Before that I wanted to be lots of things.. scientist, artist, vet, and believe it or not i wanted to become a Albersons worker scanning the food.(When i was young of course.)
I still want to do it when I'm sixteen. (: ITS SO MUCH FUN.
Today, I'm not going to upload anything about cooking or crafts.
But someday I will.. someday I will (:
Thanks for reading. (:

Chef Elizabethhhhh  (: